Online mastering

Online mastering:


Before you consider to let Endarker Studio master your songs, keep this in mind.

We will NOT support the loudness war!



Online Mastering only include wave files, no CDR or DDP image files.


We can provide an industry standard DDP image file for download.

Price: 300Sek




The DDP format contains an image of your project that can be read by CD replicators.

Check with your replicator if they accept DDP Image.


Price: 1400 Sek (45-75 min)

Price / song 170Sek (max 7min)

DDP Master 300Sek


Stem Mastering


Up to six stems

Price: 1600Sek (45-75 min)

Price: / song 220Sek (max 7min)


Stem 1 guitars

Stem 2 bass guitar

Stem 3 Kick drum

Stem 4 Rest of the drums

Stem 5 Vocals

Stem 6 Everything else



All prices include Swedish VAT (MOMS) at the standard rate, 25%.



1. Leave some headroom


Don't use a limiter and anything on the master buss at all.

Lower the master buss volume so there are no peaks over digital zero,


2. Upload files


Upload 24bit 44,1kHz stereo wave files using


or similar.


Use this email address


After full satisfaction the files will be sent back to you.



We use proffesional mastering plugins and hardware from TC electronics, Empirical labs, Universal audio, Izotope ozone

And FG-X Virtual Mastering Processor from Steven Slate Digital.

Audio Levels and Readings - from DK-Technologies