Main Control Room.


Mackie hr824 mk1 studio monitors

RME Fireface 802

RME ADI 8 DS (x2)

Phoenix Audio DRS-8 mk2

Toft audio micpreamp (Trident)

Golden age project Pre-73 and Eq-73 (inspired by Neve 1073)

SAM 82 mixer from SATT Elektronik (x2)

Trident limiter compressor CB 9146

TC electronic Finalizer plus

Empirical Labs Mike-E micpreamp (Mike-E Demonstration)

Empirical Labs EL7 Fatso JR (Short demo here! On drums)

Empirical Labs LIL FREQ (Lil FrEQ Overview)


Re-amping equipment from Radial engineering.




Neuman Tlm 103

Neuman km84





Plugins and software:


Cubase Pro 8.5

UAD2 DSP Accelerator Card Analog Classics, Nevana (Neve emulation plugins)

SLATE Plugins


Mapex Pro-M

8" 10" 12" 14 16" 2x 22"

Gibson SG

Spector Bass 5-string

Schecter damien 7-string



Mesa boogie dual rectifier Reborn

Orange TH30

Orange CRPRO412 Closed back

Orange Bax Bangeetar pre EQ pedal

2x Marshall 4x12

Two Notes Torpedo Live

Two Notes Le Lead


Control Room. NO2 (Midi Studio)


Revox PR99 Mk II, an 1/4 inch tape recorder.

Studer A67 1/4 inch tape recorder.

Mackie MR2 studio monitors

RME Fireface 800

Software: Cubase Pro 8.5



Elektron Analog Rytm - eight-voice Analog drum machine.

Elektron Analog keys - Multitimbral four-voice Analog synthesizer

Moog SUB 37 - Monophonic or Paraphonic Analog synthesizer

Moog Mother-32 - Semi Modular Analog Synthesizer

Moog Minitaur - Analog Bass Synthesizer.

D.S.I Tetra - Multitimbral four-voice Analog synthesizer

D.S.I Mopho Keyboard - Monophonic Analog synthesizer

Waldorf Streichfett - Polyphonic string synthesizer.